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n this page, you will find animations and graphic explanations for the schoolchildren, small drawing sometimes costing more than long speech


Hey , draw me maths....

Summing fractions


Many pupils miss understand the common denominator in the addition (or subtraction) of fraction.

I conceived this small graphic demonstration to defuse him with some pencil strokes.


Summing 1/2 and 2 /3


For the identical rendrent (in the same denominator) I cut the first one  by the number of strips of the second

The first by 3 and the second in 2


We count now 6 identical rectangles in every square: THE COMMON DENOMINATOR, the Divisor

We consider now numbers of squares yellow total:

3 in the first one, 4 in the second is a total of 7

Total is 7/6

(1*3)/(2*3) + (2*2)/(3*2)

Pythagore : animated dmontration of b=c - a with topologic squares


This link allow a full screen display


If a + b = c  then b = c - a


On this simple example (named even topology) a square b ,dividable by 4, is cut in 4 slices of 4 units

Surface equal 4x4 forming b (b=4 , b = 16)


Those 4 slices form 2 new squares:

1 / The small white square (in the center of the yellow crown) form the square has measuring 3 units and a surface of 3 x 3: a

2 / The largest square (the outer edge of the yellow courone) shape square c measuring 5 units and an area of 5 x 5: c

C squared is the sum of the yellow courrone: b, and the white square to the a Center

You can reproduce this demo with a square of paper...


Manufacture of an infinite number of rectangles triangles with the "Fermat calculator"

Animated Remarquables identities

(a+b) = a+2ab+b

This link allow a full screen display

(a-b) = a-2ab+b

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a - b = (a+b)(a-b)

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Download Equation simplifier for learning expanded formulaes

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