Equation simplifier

eq_simplifier Is a free software , Allows to develope / grouping of arithmetics expressions, and show all the stages: dévellopement, groupings and calculations +/-of abolitions (deletions) of the brackets



Overall: mathematical develope of the expressions.

Educational: allows to show up the stages of a development of equation, to verify exercises or certificate

Searches / automations: Allow me to calculate in " Fermat a logical solution " powers > 4 which would be too boring in the hand, the studies of the even topology.


Version 1 limits: beta tests in progress
  • You need to put all the terms in brackets (for 2(4x) input (2)(4x)

  • No divides (not (4x)/2)

  • One letter

  • Limit to 100 brakets () of 100 numbers (statics)

Nota: For all upgrades, bugs reports contact me on Avis/contact

Instructions for use

Exemple d'expression d'un cube topologique

Lettre utilisée dans l'equation = Letter used in expression : you can change 'x' by an other one

Développer : Equation development

Simplifie / Simplify:  Group (add, substract) the same terms witch are in braket if possible (2x+2x = 4x , 2 + 4x not possible) .

Réduit/reduce: Processing calculations  (+ or -) behind each brakets -(+4-2) become -4+2

Version java

<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <IMG SRC=Java.gif> <BR><BR> Si votre navigateur affiche ce texte, c'est que l'exécution de l'applet n'a pas débuté. &lt;BR&gt;Vérifiez que votre navigateur supporte les applets Java, et que leur exécution est autorisée.<br />

Maibe long a the first calc (begin with a small one)

Download : 05/22/2010 version

For Windows alls versions, Size 15mo:



Technicals informations:This program makes no disk access read and white. (planned originally for Java

I don't put Automatic Update (to avoid a connection to every launch and modif register's base of your P.C)

You must consult this file time to time

Sécurity: I suggess to record this install file , then scan this with your virus sheald before execute

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